Sincerely, Slowly, Falling in Love… DOKYUSEI is author Asumiko Nakamura’s very first BL (Boys’ Love) manga which portrays the tantalizingly pure romance between two male high school students Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajo. Fans praise DOKYUSEI as a masterpiece as Hikaru and Rihito’s attraction to one another touched the hearts of many. Since its debut, popularity of DOKYUSEI has spread widely among the fan community and made this Nakamura’s representative work. 
And when an animated feature film project was announced in 2015, once again a wave of excitement flowed throughout the community as they announced an ideal team of creative staff. The character designer Akemi Hayashi successfully demonstrates the elegance of the two protagonists; capturing their beauty and compassionate personalities that were present in the original work. As the Art Director, Chieko Nakamura places these characters against breathtaking environments utilizing a very natural touch. Kotaro Oshio’s acoustic guitar melodies seem to gently envelop their budding relationship. Directing this sensitive yet refined story of youth is brought to life on the big screen by an all-star creative team led by the genius director Shoko Nakamura who is known for her emotional and sensual style. The moment one realizes that becoming classmates was a miracle in itself, is the beginning of a dazzling and sometimes painful love story.